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Maia's Path to Growth Through Calibre's Support

The AEC industry has a history of underrepresentation of women, but together, we're rewriting the story. In honor of Women's History Month, we are celebrating the living histories of Calibre women as they forge their own paths. Nearly 40% of Calibre employees are women, and we're passionate about supporting them. Calibre is working to flip the script and champion women in this industry. Join us this month as we share stories of the amazing women who are making a difference at Calibre and helping to rewrite the story of women in AEC.


In this post, Maia Thompson, Calibre's Strategic Communications Coordinator, shares how Calibre's culture of support has promoted her professional growth.

I entered working in the AEC industry when I joined Calibre. Upon starting, I remember being so nervous because I was hyper-aware of how new I am to my career and how much there is for me to learn. So, I was relieved to find that everyone is encouraged to learn and continue to grow at Calibre, no matter their years of experience. It normalizes asking questions around the office, making learning feel comfortable and enjoyable even when challenging. It means that everyone on the team welcomes curiosity and exploration as we grow together. While I am still very conscious of all I have yet to learn, Calibre's culture of support and development helped me shift this new learning experience from something nerve-wracking and overwhelming into something worth embracing.

Within my first year, Calibre had flown me out to a conference, connected me with industry organizations while funding my involvement, provided access to mentorship programs, and invested in numerous training courses that have allowed me to develop my passions into skills. I work on an incredible team with people who not only support my professional growth but also take an active interest in me personally. I've always believed that people are at the core of what matters in any situation, and after I joined the company, it became immediately apparent that I was working with the highest caliber of people. I am grateful to be part of an environment that values idea-sharing and continual learning. My skills have developed significantly due to Calibre's support, and I look forward to seeing how I will grow with Calibre in the future.


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