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  • Emily Murphy, CPSM, MA

Start the New Year with Some Cheer!

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” Helen Keller

If, like so many of us, you need a lift, check out one of these cool things:

  1. Kiva is a microlending platform allows you to donate to entrepreneurs around the globe who need a hand getting their businesses started:

  2. Run over a pothole on your way to work? Dominos is fixing potholes around the nation. -By the way, Dominoes, Colorado has some potholes you could fix.

  3. This TED talk focuses on positive psychology and “The Happy Secret to Better Work.”

  4. Want a new fuzzy loved one? This organization is working tirelessly to eliminate kill shelters and find every animal a home:

  5. Cereal on the go is a thing.

  6. Baby Shark Dance has 4.3 billion views on YouTube

  7. In 2019, scientists captured the first ever image of a black hole

  8. Marta is the top goal scorer in World Cup history with 17 goals at the World Cup

  9. Who doesn’t love the edge of a brownie?

  10. My puppy was once this small


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