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Updates on 2021: A Glance at the World We Live In

Life in 2050: A Glimpse at the Economy in the Future

by Matthew S. Williams

Everyone has wondered what the world will look like in the future, especially after Marty McFly and Doc Brown blasted off in their DeLorean from 1985 to 2015 in Back to the Future II. Sorry to burst your bubbles, Marty McFly and Doc Brown, but it looks like you guys were slightly off on this prediction. We still do not have flying cars, but this article shows predictions for population growth, growth of non-western economies and markets, new technologies, industries, professions, and much more. Take a look at what Interesting Engineering expects the world to realistically look like in just a matter of 30 years.

Photo Courtesy: David Rodrigo/Unsplash

Ghanaian Prodigy Builds $3000 DIY Car with Scrap Pieces

by Chris Young

The power of human innovation and resourcefulness is inspiring and engaging. This article discusses the story of a 19-year-old boy from Ghana who built his own running car from scrap metal and other materials. Be inspired to create! Check out all the interesting details with this link!

Photo Courtesy of Kelvin Odarei Cruickshank

Bees Could Soon Be Used to Detect People Infected with COVID-19

by Chris Young

Ivan Pavlov created the term of classical conditioning with research he obtained from his dog. Pavlov concluded that if a particular stimulus in the dog's surroundings was present when the dog was given food then that stimulus could become associated with food and cause salivation on its own. In a similar way, this fascinating article discusses how black and yellow fuzzy fellows (bees) can detect COVID-19 with their tongues using the Pavlov's dog method. This was discovered at InsectSense and Wageningen University & Research. The bees are rewarded with sugar water when they are exposed to infected samples of SARS-COV-2. Therefore, they are trained to extend their tongues when they sense it in order to receive their delicious treat. If you would like to know more about this intriguing find, click below!

Photo Courtesy: Anna K./iStock

Colorado High-Altitude Pikes Peak Visitor Center to Offer 'Iconic Experience'

by Jay Landers

After 3 years, $60 million, and a lot of driving to the top of mountain, the Pikes Peak Summit Visitor Center is ready open in the early summer of 2021. This iconic location for lots of visitors will be a welcoming and breathtaking site at the summit of this famous mountain. In addition, with the installation of solar and photovoltaic panels, this facility will be generating more electricity than it will use. Thinking of visiting it this summer? Then take a peek at the link to see other various details about this gem on top of Pikes Peak.

Photo Courtesy: GWWO Architects, RTA Architects, and the city of Colorado Springs

Wild Donkey and Horses Engineer Water Holes That Help Other Species

by Jonathan Lambert

Here is a curious read discussing how wild donkeys and horses create desert oases by digging into the ground to find water. These watering holes often prove helpful for other species seeking water and even for the growth of vegetation after the holes are abandoned. If you are an animal or environmental lover, this is the article for you.

Photo Courtesy: Petra Kaczensky

Making History: Highlighting a Groundbreaking 24-Hour Span for Women in Sports

by Austin Bumpus

Be inspired by these amazing athletes who have paved new paths in professional sports. This exposé discusses the first woman to ever coach an MLB game in an on-field capacity as a Giants assistant, Alyssa Nakken. The article then moves on to discuss Julie Donaldson who, less than 24 hours after Nakken’s achievement, became an American sportscaster and media producer for the Washington Football Team of the NFL and the team’s highest-ranking female executive when she was announced as the franchise’s Senior Vice President of Media and Content. There are more details on these strong females below. Way to go ladies!


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