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  • Kyle Hoffmeister

Laying Out Lots....Differently

When laying out roads and lots for a typical subdivision the standard process involves finding the minimum road and lot dimensions allowable and utilizing these to fit as many lots as possible within the subdivision. The final product is usually roads laid out in a grid with lots being placed perpendicular to these roads. The article below introduces a different way of thinking where the lots are laid out based on predetermined house footprints to maximize home values and optimize lot dimensions, while still keeping similar housing density to what the typical method would achieve. This method would result in a streetscape that varies in the front allowing for unique subdivisions that don’t fit the cookie cutter mold, as well as the ability to plan out the views from both the backyard and side yard windows. The article asserts that with more coordination between the architect and engineer at the beginning stages of a project, the layout can be optimized to get maximum value to the developer while also providing a better overall product to homebuyers. This technique may not be feasible on some projects, notably where house footprints aren’t available early on in the design process, but it is an interesting concept nonetheless. Article: - Kyle H.

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