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  • Andrew Doll

Denver Fire Flow & Hydrant Calculations

Refer to the attached IFC Appendix B-3 Things you need to know before starting: 1.Construction Type 2.Square foot of each construction type 3.Stories of building (10 stories of higher puts you into high rise) 4.Sprinkler or not For this example, we will use Type 1A construction at 12 stories high: Fort this type of construction the calculations require only the 3 largest successive floors. They are floors 1,2,3. 1 = 91,500sf 2 = 85,000sf 3 = 85,000sf This building will be equipped with sprinklers which Denver fire allows for a 50% reduction in total square footage number. Add the square footage up. 91,500 + 85,000 + 85,000 = 261,500. Apply the 50% reduction – 261,500/2 = 130,750 Now refer to table B105.1 in the IFC. This table says we need 4000 GPM and 4 fire hydrants. The fire flow block would need to look something like this to get fire signature on your site plans and utility plans. Construction type: 1A – 3 constructive flood sq footage 261,500 Sprinkler equipped: Yes – 50% reduction = 130,750 Required Fire Flood: 4000 GPM # Of Hydrants required: 4 Fire Signature: For other types of construction, the calculations are different and you’ll need to refer to the IFC and the municipality you are working in to determine those calculations. 2009_International_Fire_Code_Commentary.pdf -Andrew Doll

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