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How Does Colorado's Infrastructure Rate?

ASCE has released their 2020 Infrastructure Report Card for Colorado’s infrastructure, giving the state an overall grade of C-.

14 infrastructure categories are included and were given the following grades:

Aviation (B)

Bridges (C+)

Dams (C+)

Drinking Water (C-)

Energy (C+)

Hazardous Waste (C-)

Levees (D+)

Parks (C)

Rail (B-)

Roads (C-)

Schools (D+)

Solid Waste (C-)

Transit (C-)

Wastewater (C-)

An overall report card for the country’s infrastructure is release every 4 years, the last being issued in 2017 with an overall grade of D+, unchanged from the D+ grade given in 2013.

What does this mean for Colorado? We choose to live in a state that has fairly extreme variations in weather that leads to above average wear-and-tear on our infrastructure, as well as a higher than average population growth, putting additional stress on our infrastructure. To compensate, a sustainable source of funding is needed for inspections, repairs and research into innovative design solutions.

To learn more and to download a copy of the report, follow the link below:


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